Web Design Process

What Happens Next

Once you have decided that you wish for us to go ahead and build your website we need quite a bit of information from you. To make things a little easier we have created a checklist for you to follow. We will have discussed some of these steps in our initial consultations whilst between us we were determining our plan of action.

Web Design Checklist

1.  Domain Name

We will have discussed what domain name you would like and wether it is available in our intitial consultation

**If you already have your domain name we will need access to your domain registrar so we can login and point your site to us**

2.  Logo

Do you have a company logo? you will need to send it to us as a .jpg or .png file so we can incorporate it within your website

3.  What Sites Have You Seen That You Like

Are there any particular websites that you have seen that you like the look/design of?

4.  Colour Scheme

What colours do you like? what colours are you wanting to use on your website?

5.  Fonts

Are there any particular fonts that you like? or do you want to leave that to our expertise?

6.  Audience

A few points, these will have been discussed previously, Who/what is the audience you are wanting to attract? how will they use your site? what are the key reasons for visiting your site?

7.  Keywords

What keywords would someone enter into a search engine to find your business? What keyword terms are you wishing to target? we will have discussed this previously

8.  Content & Images

Dependent upon your plan and pages included, we require your content for each page….

This includes text and google quality images. (If you do not have any images we can normally supply royalty free images to suit your business)  We do not know your business, YOU DO. Tell us about it, what you do, where and when you do it, pictures of you, pictures of your staff, pictures of your premises. There needs to be enough content to fill the pages of your website

9.  E’mail Adresses

What do you want your email address/es to be? (You will have been informed as to how many email addresses are available for your plan in our initial discussions, or check our web packages page.

10. Full Contact Details

We require your full business contact details, this includes


Business Address


Contact Numbers – Landline and Mobile

11. Opening Hours

What are your business working hours?

Full details are required if you have google my business pithing your price plan. We will register your business with google, you will receive an authentication code via a letter sent to your business address, you must supply us with that code to complete the registration.

12. Social Media Links

Send us the full links to whichever social media you wish to be connected with, ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 


We can only complete your new website and get it set up and live on the internet once we have all the information we require from yourselves. We will endeavour to get you up and live as soon as possible.